The Burlington Junior Soccer Association is committed to the development of soccer in the town of Burlington, CT. Our focus is on the development of soccer as a sport along with the social, physical and motivational development of the children that participate. “Our children come first.” We believe that soccer can be a tremendously positive influence in the growth and development of our children.

Our long-term goal is to continue to offer a program that focuses on the psychological and recreational development of our children, and provides adequate resources for individuals to excel in competitive spaces. We would hope that our children are afforded the opportunity to benefit socially, academically, and professionally at all levels, using the principles of fair play, dedication and patience. A great person once said, “Play with passion, because life is not a dress rehearsal.” We hope that this principle is one that all our players, coaches and volunteers will follow in all aspects of their lives.

Contact Info:

Burlington Junior Soccer Association
P.O. Box 1166
Burlington, CT 06013